"Pro Bono Publica"

The National Association of the Wolves was founded on September 19, 1951 and consists of Local Wolves Clubs (known as Dens) located in many communities, presently in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
The Association has been patterned similar to such nationally known organizations as the Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc.  It is dedicated to do good for its' community and its' citizens.
Our Motto:
"Pro Bono Publica" a Latin phrase, means, "For the Good of the Public."

 Meaning of the Name Wolves

  The name Wolves in truly a symbol of service.  This fact is symbolized by the Old Roman Legend about the Twins Romulus and Remus who were placed in a trough and cast into the River Tiber by their Grand Uncle Annulus.The trough was grounded in the marshes where Rome afterwards stood.  The babes were suckled by the She-Wolf until they were later found by a shepherd who reared them into manhood.
The twins have been credited, according to the Legend, to have built the city of Rome, and Romulus is regarded as the founder of the Military and political Institutions of Rome.
This act of charity by the She-Wolf is most noteworthy and for this reason appealed to our founders as a most appropriate name for our organization.  The act of giving and offering help to those in need is characteristic of the main objects of our association.

A message from the Scholarship Chairman.

Dear Brother Wolves:

I am enclosing in your packet the following:

1. Questionnaire to be completed and returned at end of meeting to National Schl Chairman.

2. Scholarship Application

3. Report of Scholarship Award

4. Report of Wolves Grant

5. Report of Wolves Public Service Award

6. National Scholarship Program Record

7. Scholarship Chairman report

8. Certificates

9. Embossed Seals

If you are in need of additional forms they can be accessed on the website. If you need additional seals or certificates, please advise on the questionnaireand they will be sent. Please return this to me by end of meeting.

I want to cut costs and feel everyone should access the website for these forms.

There is a template for scholarship and grant format on the National site. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

All forms and reports should be completed and sent to my address as soon as possible.



Page updated 10/17/2012

PO BOX 3172
Erie, PA. 16508



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